How To Help

Get involved and support your community. We are always looking for people to help out. If you have just one hour a week or would love to get more involved with a specific project there are always opportunities for volunteers.

We have volunteers helping out with the Green Island Food Distribution, the Fruit and Vege Co-op, Neighbourhood Food Harvest, Lillyput Library book collections, regular community events, community clean ups, editing the newsletter, webpage creations and more!  You can help us by volunteering your time to specific projects. These projects have been identified as being important to the members of the Greater Green Island Community.

The Greater Green Island area is an amazing community to raise and nurture our children in. There is an abundance of beautiful, natural spaces for our families to explore, however the community have highlighted that a new playground is a project that they are passionate about.  Find out more about this project here: 

Road safety
Providing the community with safe roads and walk-ways is important to the Greater Green Island community. Whether this be through addressing issues with public transport, parking, speed or more efficient traffic flow, we need the community to help with improving the safety for our citizens.
Contact us for ways that you can be involved.

We are proud of our community and already know what an amazing place it is, we want to see that pride reflected in the way our community looks and feels.
Contact us for ways that you can be involved.

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