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The CAB Service offers free, independent, confidential advice, information, help, and guidance to anyone about any issue.
CAB advises people on their rights under the law, how to take action, or how to take the next steps to resolve their issues. CAB empowers and educates people.
There are no criteria to meet to use the CAB service. CAB welcomes everyone, listens and understands what has happened to date, and asks relevant questions including what the client would like to happen. Our wonderful team of CAB Bureau Interviewer volunteers will then investigate, consider and evaluate all options for the client.
CAB is available by phone, email or face-to-face.

CABs website is a comprehensive knowledge base with thousands of 'Your rights' articles written in plain English and available to the public. It is factual and reliable. New articles are regularly added. The website also includes a community directory with approximately 500 local clubs, organisations, social services, groups, etc.

CAB’s biggest areas of enquiry are;
Consumer Guarantees Act including complaints about goods and services, Residential Tenancy / Renting/ housing including disputes, Employment contract and conditions, Relationships, Citizenship & Immigration, Neighbourhood problems, Law enforcement (Police, traffic, crime, complaints)

CAB has three free language support services available;
• A Face-to-face interpreter can be booked to be here on-site with the client to work alongside the CAB Bureau Interviewer.
• An on-demand interpreter phone service.
• CAB volunteers around the motu who can offer the CAB service in their own language as well as English.

CAB can also assist clients further when access to information/services or understanding of information is difficult due to literacy, digital exclusion, disability, etc.
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