Greater Green Island Informer Newsletters

Greater Green Island Informer Editors: Sasha Turner

Informer Production Volunteers: Lindsay Aitchison and Eddie Gardner


Distribution:  600 printed copies per issue (thank you Southern Colour Print). 

Copy Deadline:  15th of each month

Email: [email protected]

Readership: 2190 approximately (via email, facebook, website, school newsletter links and printed versions)

Articles are free for community groups/clubs and events (not for profit) in the Greater Green Island Suburbs.  Please email your articles and stories in Word documents and images/posters in JPEG files.  Alternatively you can contact Sasha to help you write a story, please phone 4700814. 

Advertising can be purchased by contacting Sasha Turner via email [email protected]


The Greater Green Island Informer has become increasingly popular and community members have been asking if it will be delivered to their homes. Unfortunately, we do not have enough funding to print copies to deliver to the nine communities in the area so we deliver to one community each month.  The newsletter is delivered by volunteers from CCT, we could not do it without them. THANKS!!

Alternatively, you can pick up your own copy at the majority of the shops in all nine communities or subscribe to the newsletter online (scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe).

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