SuperGrans Dunedin Charitable Trust

By GGICW | Posted: Thursday May 4, 2017

Helping People to Help Themselves! Budgeting, Sewing, Cooking, Mentoring, Gardening, Budget Shopping. A free Service.

About Dunedin Supergrans

SuperGrans organisations are ‘Not For Profit’ charitable trusts committed to reaching and responding to as many people as they can to strengthen their life skills.

We want people and whanau to be the best they can and children to be as healthy as they can be so that they can learn well and become wonderful New Zealand citizens.

SuperGrans also make a valuable contribution to the health of mature people. There is a lot of research that says one of the important factors for good mental health in older people is community involvement. What better way to be involved in the community than sharing your life skills with others at SuperGrans?

Contact SuperGrans: 

132 Hillside Road, South City Mall, South Dunedin

Phone:  Pip Weber or Leanne Stenhouse on 03 474 0582

Email:  [email protected]



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