Greater Green Island MoveMe Community Map

By GGICN | Posted: Tuesday May 2, 2017

Dont you love living in Greater Green Island? There are many reasons to celebrate the wonderful community we live in. With help from MoveMe, we have put together this community map which we hope can be used by residents of all ages to make use of all of the resources right here on our doorstep and include more physical activity in your lifestyle.

Some of our favourite ideas for getting active in Green Island are:

  • Take a walk around the Memorial Gardens and admire the roses and the wishing well

  • Kick a ball around on Sunnyvale Park

  • Walk to your local dairy or shops instead of taking the car

  • See how many ducks are in the stream by Runciman Street

  • Play around in the trees at Miller Park
  • Try one of the many walks included on the map on the next page
  • Help out at the Community Garden