AIRIFY the heat pump cleaning company

By GGI Community Worker | Posted: Sunday October 14, 2018

Allan Munro. Phone: 0800 24 74 39

The Premium Service Includes: 

Inside Unit

  • Unit is tested on Heating and Cooling
  • Plastic covers and filters are removed and treated with an antibacterial wash
  • Internal Coil is injected with a high-pressure industry approved coil cleaner and disinfectant to remove blockages, mites, bacteria and germs
  • Electrical inspected & internal thermostat cleaned
  • Internal drain and condensate tray are flushed
  • Remote operation is tested and battery levels checked

Outside Unit

  • External coil is injected with industry approved coil cleaner to remove blockages and increase air flow
  • Fan blades and fan bearing are checked
  • Capping and refrigeration lagging is inspected
  • Housings and grill cleaned
  • Noise level and running performance checked
  • Foliage is cleared from around outside unit
  • Unit feet and mounts checked and vibration
  • Drainage from inside unit and outside units checked

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