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By Larna McCarthy | Posted: Tuesday June 9, 2020

Elegant Flowers and Gifts

I have over 14 years experience in the floristry world. I work from my home studio in Abbotsford and love what I do and seeing the smiles on peoples faces when I hand them a bouquet.

I create long lasting beautiful bouquets and arrangements for any occasion and offer a delivery service. This service is free for Abbotsford, Green Island and Sunnyvale addresses (Not rural) and can deliver to most other parts of Dunedin for a $10 Fee * (* Outer suburbs or rural addresses are extra and can be discussed at time of order) Customers can also collect from my Home in Abbotsford.

I love to work with couples planning their wedding day and help them with not only flowers but recommendations on other services and vendors. I am a part of a great website/Facebook page called Southern Bride which has heaps of resources for Brides and Grooms to Be.

It is also my privilege to work together with grieving families and create beautiful and special tributes for their loved ones. I have often hand picked flowers or foliage from peoples gardens and can incorporate special items in my arrangement. Each arrangement is unique and made with Love.
I pride myself on creating arrangements that last as long as possible and pick the freshest flowers available daily or as required for each order.

Covid-19 has had quite an impact on my industry, not only were we  unable to trade during level 4, but during all other levels and for potentially some time in the future, we are experiencing a shortage of flowers. Many NZ growers had to destroy massive amounts of their stock and we are unable to buy any of the flowers and foliage's that were imported from overseas and this has affected the price and availability of many types of flowers.

I am asking all my amazing customers to be patient, flexible with the colours and flower types but most importantly the more notice I have of what people are wanting the more time I and the great team at our local flower market have to source the product you are wanting.


Phone - 03 4882288


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