Fairfield School

By GGI Community Worker | Posted: Friday November 10, 2017


Our School Vision Statement

  • Independence through responsibility
  • Attitude is everything
  • By being the best that we can be so we are Respectful, Responsible and Resilient learners

Teaching & Learning

The delivery of quality learning experiences for all children is central to our work. Consequently, a high priority is placed on quality assessment of learning and careful differentiation of programmes to ensure that all children experience challenging, stretching and effective learning. In the early years at school, an emphasis is placed on the acquisition of appropriate literacy and numeracy skills. As skills develop, children increasingly use their literacy and numeracy skills as tools to support their deeper learning.

For more details on Enrolment, Sports, Cultural Programmes, Before and After School Care, History, Board of Trustees, Staff and more you can find our full website page here

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  • 10 Sickels St, Fairfield, Dunedin

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