Community Guide to Emergencies Saddle Hill - Green Island Concord, Burnside, Green Island, Abbotsford, Sunnyvale, Fairfield, Saddle Hill

By Community Worker | Posted: Wednesday July 22, 2020

Developed with support from the Greater Green Island Community Network, Saddle Hill Community Board and Emergency Management Otago IF LIFE OR PROPERTY IS THREATENED, ALWAYS DIAL 111

Download your copy of the Community Guide to Emergency here:

Emergency Management Otago are continuing to work with communities across Dunedin to develop capability and resilience within each community so that they can prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Emergency Management Otago, working with members of each community are working to identify appropriate response venues and areas of vulnerability.

To enquire about getting involved in your community please contact the Emergency Management Otago – Dunedin based team on 03 4774000 or email [email protected] .

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