12 Days of Christmas - Community Treasure Hunt Information

By Community Worker | Posted: Tuesday November 23, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Greater Green Island Community treasure Hunt 10th 21st December

Between 10th and 21st December GGICN will hide 13 letters in 12 locations around the Greater Green Island community. 

Each day a clue will be revealed to lead you to a new location, with different letters. When the letters are unscrambled, the letters will create a secret Christmas phrase.  

Your job: Solve the clues, photograph the hidden letters, get the prize!

Send your photos through to [email protected] or message the GGICN Facebook page.

Missed a day? No worries! Letters will remain in place the duration of the event so you can go back to earlier locations to hunt down the letters.

Clues will be released in three places:

The the three ways to win include:

1. Be the first person to email or Facebook message us a photo of the letter at the most recently revealed location.

2. Take a photo of all 13 letters, in the 12 locations and email them through to us.

3. Unscramble the Christmas phrase and send that through to us for your chance at another spot prize.

Prizes have been kindly donated by:

  • Royal Albatross and Fort pass
  • Biggies pizza
  • Beachlands speedway tickets
  • Leap Dunedin entry
  • Olveston Historic Home tour
  • Dunedin Gasworks Museum tickets
  • Escape Dunedin

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